Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lenox Evolution V3 for Galaxy Y!

The stock based Black and White themed Rom, Lenox Evolution is now updated to version 3! With loads of new awesome features & a decent performance this Rom has been the Best rom presently!
Features as given by the author:
-Root and busybox integrated
-Tweaks and sound mod
-Init.d integrated
-buildprop tweaks
-Almost app have been revamped.
Advance Feature:
Statusbar Tweaks
- Lenox Label Options
- Set Label
- Add in Statusbar (CheckBox)
- Label TextSize (1-20)
- Label TextColor
- Label TextStyle (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, No Style)
- Label Position (Left, Center, Right)
- Clock Options
- Clock Style (Normal, Small AM/PM, No AM/PM, No Clock)
- Clock Color
- Clock Position (Left, Center, Right)
- Battery Options
- Battery Style # 1 (Normal Battery, MIUI Bar, Battery Percent Text, None)
- Battery Style # 2 (Normal Battery, MIUI Bar, Battery Percent Text, None)
Brief Explanation: if you choose same style, it will not duplicate. you can choose two styles, example: style 1 = normal battery, style 2 = battery percent text. You will have a batt icon with a percent text battery on the side.
- Battery Text Options (Color option FOR battery percent text)
- Signal Options
- Show dBm Text (Will not work if signal is on left)
- dBm Text Color
- Signal Position (Default (Right) , Hide Signal, Left Signal)
- Double Tap Statusbar to Screenlock (CheckBox)
- Layout Control
- Music Layout ( Check the Lenox Evolution Page for ScreenShot)
- AOSP style
- Stock
- Lenox Style
- Settings Layout
- Stock
- Lenox Style
- Recent App Dialog Layout (The Layout when you hold/pressed the home button) (Note: if from bigger number, example , from 16 to 12/8/4 , you need to reboot)
- 4 Icons
- 8 Icons
- 12 Icons
- 16 Icons
- Advance Reboot Option (CheckBox)
- Add recovery and reboot option on power menu (On the Reboot option not on Power Off)
- Expanded Option
Quote: (Note: Do not use Tiled Toggles when you are using Floating, space is limited for the toggles and to avoid bug on swiping header)
- Expanded Layout
- Normal Expanded UI
- Floating Expanded UI
- Power Widget Layout Style
- Classic (List Toggles)
- Tiled Toggles (Swipe Header)
- Tiled per Row (For Tiled Toggles Only)
- 3 toggles , 4 toggles, 5 toggles.
- Hide Brightness Slider (CheckBox)
- Hide Power Widget Togggles (CheckBox)
- Hide Toggle Names (CheckBox)
- Hide On Change/Click of Toggles
- Haptic Feedback
- Global Settings
- On
- Off
- Power Widgets
- Choose what toggles you want to have on expanded UI.
- Power Widgets Order
- Order of toggles on expanded UI.
- Statusbar Header Date ( FONT )
- Default
- MonoSpace
- Bold
- Serifs
- Custom Font (Not Working for now)
- Header Settings Option ( the settings icon beside date in header)
- Settings Shortcut
- Lenox Parts Shortcut
- Remove Icon
- Launcher Option
- Drawer Style
- 3x3
- 4x4
- 5x5
- 6x6
- 16 Bit Transparency (CheckBox)
- if uncheck, good performance, less consume of battery. But low quality of colors (not that much), and cannot have transparent statusbar. if check, vice versa.
- Concentration Effect (CheckBox)
- If check, scattered animation in app drawer, else if uncheck, fading animation in app drawer.
- Drawer Background ( Color )
- Lockscreen Option
- Lockscreen options
- CyanogenMod Locks
- Circle Lock ( STOCK )
- Glass Lock vvs
- Cm Lockscreen Option
- effects only if you choose CyanogenMod Locks on lockscreen option.
- Lockscreen Effects Option
- Default (not fullscreen, not blur)
- Fullscreen
- Blur ( Fullscreen also )
NOTE: Blurs only if you dont have wallpaper. (The wallpaper overlaps the blur).
- Owner Information (SWIPE LEFT)
- First Layout
- Change Profile Picture
- Change Profile Text
- Second Layout (SWIPE)
Owner Picture
- Add in Settings (CheckBox)
- Add in Lockscreen (CheckBox)
NOTE: THIS IS BETA. You may experience fastboot (but not always) , lockscreen is sensitive, still, we are figuring out a solution for this :/
- Circle Image Border Color ( color of border in lockscreen )
Owner Text
- Add in Settings (CheckBox)
- Add in Lockscreen (CheckBox)
- Lockscreen and Settings TextSize, TextStyle, TextColor Options.
- Performance Option
- CPU Control ( Controls the CPU (needs custom kernel) )
- DSP Manager ( Sound Booster )
- Development Option (Developer tools)
- Spare Parts ( transition speed, haptic feedback, fontsize (unstable) )
- About Lenox
- Lenox Developers ( under construction :P )
- Lenox Fan Page
- Lenox User Group
- Lenox XDA Thread
- Rom Name
XDA Thread
Steps to Install:
1. Switch off your Galaxy Y & Boot into recovery mode! (Holding Volume UP+Power+Home button simultaneosly)
2. Click install zip from SD card & boot into CWM!
3. Now move to Wipe data/Factory Reset & Choose yes!
4. Now move to mounts & Storage and mount /system, /data, /sdcard, /cache!
5. Go back and select install zip from SD Card and browse through your files & Choose Lenox Evolution zip file! Choose yes!
6. It might take a couple of minutes! After finishing go back and wipe data again! Then choose reboot now!
7. Thats all! Explore and Enjoy!
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Monday, 12 May 2014

Sorry for the Delay! Loads of new things to come!

As we were having our exams which was damn important to us, we were not able to post in this blog. But now all exams are completed and we will resume our work! And yeah we have loads of new things to tell you guys! *We now will post & support many more Samsung phones & probably other brands too in near future! Wht i can tell you is that we are now goos with phones ranging from our beloved Galaxy Y to some high end phones like Galaxy S2! :) *One more big news is that Broadcomm has turned opensource & has provided the essential Drivers required for compiling higher Android updates & AOSP roms! A dev of Galaxy Ace, Bieltv3 is currently working on CM9 ( android 4.0.4 ICS) *Whats more? Now you can ask us questions about your phone & we will reach to you as fast as we can! :) People around Kundapur can also meet us about the same! :) We know that Our phone is now too old & Samsung has stopped releasing updates & manufacturing. Many might have sold their SGY and bought other phones! But i can guarantee you there are only a few phones which have lot of custom roms, theming which includes Galaxy Y! So keep tuned as we will post more for a couple of days! You can follow us through Google+ or Facebook or Twitter! Thanks for your co-operation! Keep supporting us!! :)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Broadcom Booster V 0.3 for Galaxy Y, Y duos and Pocket!

New tweak by Jyn Alek ! A mixture of more than 50 scripts to make your phone faster, smoother than ever! It is an early release! More to come!!
Features and Changelog :
Changelog (V0.2)
Scripts updated to work without Busybox ( thanks to
Elerson Carvalho )
Added around 50 + scripts about general
optimization ( From games to quality photo and
video recording ) .
Gaming performance increased considerably
Seeder to remove some annoying lag
Scripts to save battery and spare CPU cycles to
enhance performance
Optimizing databases
SD card cache increased to 4096 ( For those who
use swap can enhance performance )
Disabled some sleepers to make sure the phone
always be ready when you need them.
Script by Madteam to prevent corruption of file
Some adjustments to the stability of the WiFi (WIP)
Massive bulid.prop tweaks
Changelog (V0.3):
Added CrossBreeder for more performance
Seeder (not the app) removed because it is causing
some problem with the kernel
Removed the Madteam script because not working
on stock/stock based ROMs.
Removed script that make some adjustments to the
stability of wifi.
Xda thread
1. Delete all scripts in system/etc/init.d folder
2. Download the files and place it in root of sd card
3. Boot into CWM recovery!
4. Goto mounts and storage! Mount /system and /data !
5. Now go to install zip from sd card! Locate the zip file and flash it!
6. Reboot!!
If your phone is stuck at the logo for more than five minutes then remove your battery, insert it back and switch on your phone!
Thats it! Enjoy the speed!
Works in stock/custom roms and cyanogen roms!
Other tweaks:
V6 Supercharger
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Cyanogen Mod 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy Y!!

The famous and Successful Custom rom maker, Cyanogen has made a series of custom roms for a wide range of Android phones based on Android Open Source Project or AOSP!
Sadly Galaxy Y didnot get a Stable version during its early release! Thanks to Percy who successfully ported it to Galaxy Y!! This is an advanced rom with many modifications and totally different from Stock rom! So Explore yourself and learn! ;)
1. Cyanogen Rom ( XDA Thread );Rename the file to extesion zip as it is missing! Use root explorer or any other app
2. Cyanogen #2 kernel
3. CWM

Download all of them and place in root of sd card!!

1. First of flash back to stock rom if you are in any other custom rom! (By holding volume up+power+home button while the phone is switched off) Particularly flash DXLF baseband stock rom to avoid bootloops!

2. Now in stock rom go to stock recovery! Wipe data and cache in there!

3. Now locate CWM in your sd card through install from sd card! Patch (open) it!

4. Goto Mounts and Storage and mount all the first four! System, data, sd card, cache!

5. Now go back, then go to install zip from sd card! Now locate the cyanogen #2 kernel and flash it!

6. After flashing go back! Goto advanced! Now select reboot recovery! Your phone will reboot amd you will be in CWM recovery integrated with your kernel!

7. Now go to Mounts and storage and format system, data and cache! Dont format your sd card!!!!

8. Now go back! Goto install zip from sd card and choose the main rom file! Flash it!!

9. Wait for a few minutes to complete and reboot! You have successfully flashed the rom!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Danger Dash for all Android Phones!

For all those Running Game lovers here is a whole new game by Gameloft!! You should try this!! Even after it is Gameloft!! :)

Description in Playstore:

Are you a real adventurer?
Run and escape from evil tigers!
Collect Artifacts and run for your life
as the hero Chuck Ace, the adventurer
girl Miranda Rose, or the powerful
Blowing Wind. Accomplish missions,
escape danger and become a Real
Adventurer if you got what it takes…
Run through the jungle, survive a rush
of obstacles in a lost city and hold on
for dear life in the mysterious temple!
A real runner could do it!
Rush past wild obstacles in a super-
fast dash, jump over columns or
broken trees, and slide fast under
dangerous traps!.
Use powerful upgrades like the Revival
Ankh, The Tiger, or Jungle Fever to
become more powerful, increase your
speed, unlock new levels and grow
your capacity!
Track your ranking on the online
leaderboards and mark your friends to
follow their scores. Make sure you
leave them all in the dust!
A game made only for real runners
who are not afraid of pushing their
speed to the limit in a dangerous dash
to victory. Do you have what it takes
to be a Real Adventurer? Run and
prove it!

GooglePlay |

Official Website:- www.gameloft.com

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

EGL lib files for Samsung Galaxy Y!!

If you are an Android Maniac you might have tried a lot to play Temple Run and other games in your little SGY! But the sad fact is it cannot be played! :(

It has been found that some Cyanogen based roms are able to play some games better than other roms! As you might know this is due to the unique library files of Cyanogen! If we replace the Stock lib files with those of Cyanogen you might be able to play a lot of new games! ;) Dont expect Temple Run to run perfectly! It will just run smoothly with other known bugs!

So lets do it!


1. Rooted Galaxy Y

2. Root explorer or any other File browser with root access!

3. Cyanogen lib files by Yusepz

4. Chainfire 3D with plugins! Extract the plugins zip too!


| Cyanogen lib files | Root Explorer | Chainfire3D with plugins|


1.Install Chainfire3D! While installing make sure you select Explerimental EGL! After Installing your phone will restart! After restart go to the app and select 'Install Plugins/shaders'! And install the three Nvidia, Qualcomm , PowerVR!

2. Now extract the lib files by Yusepz! Open Root Explorer ( or any other of your choice! ) and go to /System/lib/egl and copy the file/files and paste anywhere in your sd card!

3. Open the extracted folder and go to cm7 lib by Yusepz/system/lib/egl and copy all the files to system/lib/egl/*here*

4. Reboot your phone!

5. Now try any game and set the chainfire settings! See if it works! We will give a tutorial on GTA 3 on Galaxy Y by these steps!

Works on all roms including stock rom! Cyanogen roms doesnt need this as they have the same lib files which we are going to replace by! ;)

Note: Some armv7 to armv6 ported games maynot work after this!
We are not responsible for any loss of data or bricked phones! Just follow instructions a bit careful and dont end up in the middle!

Comment here for any doubts! If any other game worked mention in comments to help others!

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

PurePerformances™X - The best tweak for all phones!!

You might have tried flyon , adrenaline engine, V6Supercharger etc on your phone! But the worst part is you cannot use them all simultaneously!!

Imagine a tweak with all the best parts of your favourite tweaks which not only speeds up your phone but also battery life and graphics and other tuning!!

YES there is a tweak like what you have imagined!! Its called PurePerformances™X Zeno Edition by Jeeko ! Made for high end phones like S2 and other phones it works great in other phones too! Works in all roms too!! Get ready to see the FEATURES !!! :-P


- Android performances improved
at 360°
- Radically improved management
ram on android (No lags!)
- Script lightweight and revised to
be adapted to this engine
- Improves a lot the graphics: of
course Pure Graphic™HD, Pure
Dithering Plus™ and... AOSPA 3.60
system tweaks
- Scan multimedia time drastically
- Network Improvements, 3G
experience even in 2G modality (little bit!)
- All SQlite database optimized
- Enable hardware features turned
off by default for a better
experience on entry level devices
- Greatly increases the score
AnTuTu: Try it to believe it!!
- Reduces the startup time of
- A version for stock rom and one
for CM, to squeeze any roms!
- Allows you to play ported games
without lags
- Cleans the system every 24 hours,
thecache every week and the Dalvik
every month (cronos easter egg)
- Automatically Zipalign on each
boot (sensitive to the user)

- Drastically decreased the drainage
of battery
- Check the activities that consume
too much battery stop them with
- When the phone is charging
reduces system services for faster
- The battery is calibrated on every
- Disable animation of the system
when the battery is nearly
- Improvements in build.prop as
regards the part of consumption
Graphics, Screen, Images
- Enables a non-aggressive dithering
to save CPU
- When you lock the device, the
engine makes sure that the GPU is
turned off
- Enables deep sleepalso in the
bugged rom
- Parts of bravia engine
- Of course parts of CrossBreeder
(credits to dev)
- Of course parts of Adrenaline
Engine (credits to dev)
-PureGraphics HD
-V6 supercharger
- Generates video entropy (like

CPU, Governors, I/O Schedulers
- Slightly improves the scaling of
the frequencies (for better results
you need a good kernel)
- Lightens the load on the CPU
switching the workload to GPU
- Enable the swap partition in
Android (experimental)

Loved it?? Ready to try it?? Then lets go!!



Download cyanogen version only for based on that rom! ;-)


1. Download the '.zip' file and place it anywhere in sd card or in the root of sd card!

2. Switch off your phone and Go to system recovery by holding home+power+volume up buttons simultaneously! Go to install from sdcard and patch CWM !

3. In CWM recovery first mount /system and /data from 'mounts and storage'!

4. Go to install from sd card>install zip from sdcard> search for your zip and click on it! Select install!

5. After installation is complete reboot and enjoy!!!!!

If your phone gets stuck at samsung logo remove your battery and insert it again! Then restart your phone! It is due to clearing of dalvik cache that it takes time for first boot!!

It works in all models of phone and roms!!
Try it in your rom or phone! Share your experience here by commenting with your phone model, rom to help others!

I have tested this in my Hyperion8 and it works like a charm!!

Thanking the developer Jeeko for this tweak

Xda thread
Thank him if he helped you!!

For our regular updates:-

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